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Salvage Progress

It has been nearly two years since we said goodbye to Lloyd Hodges on this earth, and the mix of business and personal stories weaved together has made it the most bittersweet journey.

We have worked so hard to honor his legacy on this earth while moving forward with the vision God has given us for this land. Not only are we bringing new life and order in to the long lost auto salvage yard, but we are establishing room to grow, to add team members, and to turn the stigma of auto salvage into the greatest display of recycling that Franklin County has ever seen.

We have toured salvage yards around the country, made connections and built relationships with both scrappers and recyclers. We have become certified in processes as well as federal and state regulations, and we are just getting started.

Is there anything more incredible to see than taking broken, wasted things and turning them into something with purpose?

That is happening a little bit more every day at TNT Auto Salvage.

So as we celebrate Lloyd's second birthday in heaven today, we know that he must be proud to see us work to take this business to 2022 and beyond.

salvage progress

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