The Christmas Party That (Almost) Wasn’t

I sit here this evening, ever so grateful for every blessing I can think of in this moment.  Like, the kind of moment where even the clean sheets and warm air blowing through the air vents make my heart fill to overflowing.  Half of my kids are tucked in to bed, clean and warm and peaceful, while the older ones are waiting downstairs to hang out with their Dad, piano tinkling and faded laughter from siblings drifting up the stairs.

Christmas is my favorite time of year, with traditions from such a happy childhood combined with the empowering of an adult and parent that gets to make the magic come alive for others.  This year, with the addition of our first grandbaby as well as our first official foster kid, the whirlwind of excitement in Christmas prep has had me overjoyed so much more than overstressed… I thought.

TNT Christmas Car Ornament