What Fridays Look Like For Me Now

This was such a pinnacle year in our life as a family, as well as a TNT team.  This was the year all of our kids would (finally!!!) be in school all five days of the week.  For fourteen years, I had juggled the whole working-mom-stays-home-and-works-crazy-hours thing, paying babysitters, tag-teaming with Tim as to who would work what shift… and finally, finally, the day that I had dreamed of had arrived: 8:15am on the first day of school, out they all went tumbling out of the van, toting backpacks and blowing kisses… and I was FREE!  Free to run errands, free to research our next business plan and project, free to work on our books and accounts during the day so I could be home in the afternoons and evenings.  It was looking so.good.

But then I got a call that changed our lives forever.