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Smoke and Mirrors, and the Center Line that Actually Was

I had heard the expression “Smoke and Mirrors” many times in my life without thinking much about where the original phrase came from. If I think about it as a child, I imagine one of those Carnival Fun Houses, where you walk in to the House of Mirrors section and try to figure out which way was the right way out.

I hated those things.

I would have been the one to run in to the attraction full force with my two sisters, each of whom were much more adept and graceful than I was. My older sister smart and quick-witted, thinner and physically strong, able to think and prance her way through that maze without a hitch, time and breath leftover to taunt me and send a few digs mocking me along my halted way. My younger sister so full of life and light, young enough to not have ever counted the cost, not ever needing to, whooping and hollering with glee at the adventure before her, barreling through with bravery and excitement, too overwhelmed at the chance of a new venture to be afraid… and too young to think of me, stuck and left behind, alone.


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Hurricane Season and Court Dates Coming

I find it very ironic that we are almost to our court date for our foster buddy in the middle of hurricane season.

I watched the reports of the impending storms, first with surprise and mild amusement, gradually turning to shock and gravity that moved me to purchase supplies like batteries, candles, bottled water and non-perishable foods. The text messages flew back and forth between my Northern mother and sisters to me, teasing and begging me to pack up with such a good reason for a visit. All the while I never stopped keeping watch on the weather screen, and I never stopped praying.

So it is with foster care and court dates.



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Everything Awesome About Court Days 2018

Everything You Need To Know About Court Days 2018
It's Here! It's Here! THIS Saturday, from 3pm - 9pm in Downtown Rocky Mount! Franklin County Court Days takes place right in the street by the Farmer's Market, where we pay tribute to historic "Court Days" from times long past, where court would be heard, and market would be held... and neighbors near and far came in to town to catch up, celebrate life, and come together to make music and memories...
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When the Tow Phone Rings, You Listen

There is a certain ringer we gave our tow line phone, and every one of our kids knows it.  Our foster buddy wasn’t with us for two weeks before we heard the ring somewhere in the distance while grocery shopping and he announced to me, “Tow Call!” 

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Snow Days, Cancelled Church Services, and Spring Revelations

When I was a little girl growing up in the Roman Catholic Church, I loved Palm Sunday.  Maybe it was because the sun was melting the dingy grey snow piles in Western New York, and we knew the next week we could wear our new Easter dresses, and possibly our new white patent leather shoes if we could get mom to believe our promises that we wouldn’t stomp in the snow piles with them. Or maybe it was because it was all part of the season changing, showing decorations of bunnies and chicks and Easter eggs and, of course chocolate, candy and jelly beans. 

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