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How Thankfulness Comes Through Hurricanes and Family Visits

I am sitting in my room this morning, trying the “work from home” thing in hopes of proving that I can be productive when I do not go in to the office and get carried away with shenanigans in the shop that do not belong to me.  (Read: our team handles customers much better when I do not stick my nose in and botch up the process.)

But my mind is whirling from cleaning my inbox after several days off and deleting too many Pinterest emails after I opened them (the possibilities are endless on Pinterest!), and my heart is racing from the pumpkin muffins with cream cheese frosting that my mom made as she visited this week.  They make a great breakfast with coffee when you are trying to be creative.  You just have to balance the sugar-to-protein ratio to keep from overdoing it… which I have not. BRBC with Police

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