New! TNT Advantage Program

TNT Advantage Program

Have you always wanted a AAA car care option where you knew you were being taken care of locally?  

Have you wanted the security of driving every day knowing that you and your car are covered in any event?

Do you want to take the hassle out of your vehicle maintenance?


Then look in to TNT Advantage.

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Introducing the program that lets you have peace of mind with your vehicle care. 
Being a member of TNT Advantage means your vehicle is taken care of in all the aspects you care about. 
Oil changes? Covered.  Inspections?  Every year. 
Towing 24/7 with our TNT Team Crew at the helm? 
We gotcha covered.


Life is too busy for you to worry about one more thing. 
Being a member of TNT Advantage puts you and your vehicle at the top of our priority list. 
Enjoy the following:


i collision warranty  FREE Annual Inspection

i collision warranty  FREE 24 Hour Towing

i collision warranty FREE Standard or Synthetic Oil Changes

i collision warranty  FREE Diagnostic Services (Check Engine Light Scanning)

i collision warranty  FREE Fluids Checked and Filled

i collision warranty   FREE Pick Up and Delivery


All this included as a member, for $29.99 a month!  


Just sign up online here to start your membership now
Once you are registered, just let us know what vehicle you would like to be a part of the TNT Advantage Program,
and then your benefits begin! 

Need an inspection immediately?  You got it! 
How about a Standard Oil Change?  You can have one every 3,000 miles! 
Do you prefer Synthetic?  No problem! We've got you covered every 7,000 miles! 
Either way, you are guaranteed 5 quarts, every time. 


Has your Check Engine Light come on? Bring it in to TNT any time, unlimited,
absolutely free, for us to run a diagnostic scan to help you figure out how we can help you! 
Are your fluids low and need to be topped off? We can do that for you too,
as often as you like, only at TNT!


How about Roadside Assistance?  Do you need a tow? 
Call TNT, 24/7 for FREE Roadside Assistance of up to 35 miles from TNT,
and let us tow you back to our shop to get you back on the road! 
Add $3 every additional mile, and let us help you in to one of our
On Site Rental Cars at a Members Only Rate
only offered to our TNT Advantage Members.

Did you hit a deer or did your teenager get in to a fender bender with your car AGAIN?
No worries. 
With TNT Advantage, we will pick you up with our Roadside Assistance as often as you need it,
and your 35 mile radius starts all over again each time you need us, again and again.


Do you Need Pick Up or Delivery? 
No problem! 
Let us take care of all these needs for you while you are at work or at home,
absolutely FREE within a ten mile radius!


That's all the fine print we have. 
If you have any questions, just call us any time at 540.483.4TNT. 
If you're ready to have the peace of mind that comes with knowing TNT is taking care of you and your vehicle 24/7,
sign up right here
or just tell one of our awesome team members the next time you are in for your services,
and we will gladly get you started. 


Thank you for choosing TNT!  We look forward to being a part of your Advantage!

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