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The Selfie that Changed My Mind

It wasn’t until I saw the selfie that I realized where we had arrived.

For much of the eighteen years that Tim and I have been married, I have felt alone. By that I mean that in the things we have had to do both in business and family, I have been lonely. In those times and in every one of those moments, God has met me there and I have had peace. And the blessings and gifts I have experienced from doing what He has called us to do is immeasurable in so many ways.

winter kiss small

But it has made me tired. So, so tired. The kind of tired that makes you weary, and the past few years, adding foster care and all the emotional weight that has brought has literally made my shoulders physically ache.

In the beginning years, it was new and exciting, the whole world in front of us and it was whatever we colored it to be if we just painted enough of the canvas. I was young, Tim was strong, and we faced so many challenges head on, always expecting great things. Together, we created a beautiful life and a beautiful business, and once I knew

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My Grandmother's Gift To Me

Today would have been my Grandma’s 85th birthday. Her death just over four years ago was the heaviest grief I had ever encountered until that point in my life.

I knew it was coming. She had been unexplainably sick for quite some time, and though she was the strongest woman I knew, she was fading fast. She was serving Meals on Wheels, donating time and money to every cause that came her way, all while champion cheering for her entire family of six children all with multiple children.

Her life was a beautiful mess, and even after I moved six hundred miles away, she answered the phone every time I called to catch up, filled up my soul’s bucket with phrases like “You’re such a mess” and “For cryin’ out loud” and always ended with an “I love you, my doll face.” If I got her laughing good and long, she would say “You are a peach.”

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Guest — SusanNobles
Oh Tara this is so very real! As I lay here crying, just a bit at the memories, I am so happy and thankful for you! You just kee
Tuesday, 09 July 2019 2:02 AM
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The Day That Mr. Angry Man Left Our Home

When it first started looking like little buddy was going to be staying with us long term, maybe even permanently, we called in the heavy hitters for help to keep our family together. We had made progress in many ways, but the weight of the trauma, emotions and behaviors we were living with day-to-day would not be sustainable long term. Read: we were barely surviving, and knew we couldn’t last as a forever option without some expert help.

In-home counseling began, and I realized I was about to change more than any one else in the family. I had already been humbled a million times over with tantrums in the grocery store, case workers knowing all our drama, and having to say “no” to things I wanted to do simply because I couldn’t leave the helm of the ship for fear of falling off course. It was a heavy load. But letting a complete stranger in to my home for hours each week to analyze our family and figure out how to make it work? Whole ‘notha level of humble. But we were desperate, and willing to try anything at that point, so that superseded any reservations that may have remained regarding my comfort level…

She arrived with smiles and compassion, though she was so strong I couldn’t comprehend how she mixed the two traits. Somewhere in between Mary Poppins and the finest drill sergeant, she observed long enough to know where to start: by teaching us how to see through little guy’s eyes.

We had already taken the classes, we had already done all the training. We proudly had the certificates that dubbed us “Therapeutic Foster Parents,” but nothing prepared us for what it’s actually like on the battle ground. Practicing your skills while under fire is very necessary though exhausting. And sometimes, you trip and make a mistake. Or you just run out of endurance. Either way, when you call “Man Down!” and someone shows up on the rescue field, you never forget that face.

We learned how to put the Problem in the middle, not any one of us family members. The problem was not me, or Tim, or one of my kids… the problem was that we needed to understand what language this hurting child was speaking. He literally was delivered to our doorstep from a completely different world. He had only known hunger, fear, fighting and pain from the day he was born. He was now immersed in food, love, kindness and care for the first time… and it was literally scaring him to death. Our world was so foreign, and it did not make sense to him. Put yourself in another world where no one can understand you and you don’t know how to communicate what you need. Let me know your reaction, and I’ll tell you that’s what it looked like here.

Little guy knew anger. That is the only emotion he knew. If he was scared, he got angry. If he got hurt, he got angry. Frustrated? Anger. Tired? You get the picture.

angry man

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Guest — TinaAngle
Tara. What a truly well written story. The truth in your words and actions, god is indeed great! You and your family will conti
Monday, 03 June 2019 9:09 PM
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Smoke and Mirrors, and the Center Line that Actually Was

I had heard the expression “Smoke and Mirrors” many times in my life without thinking much about where the original phrase came from. If I think about it as a child, I imagine one of those Carnival Fun Houses, where you walk in to the House of Mirrors section and try to figure out which way was the right way out.

I hated those things.

I would have been the one to run in to the attraction full force with my two sisters, each of whom were much more adept and graceful than I was. My older sister smart and quick-witted, thinner and physically strong, able to think and prance her way through that maze without a hitch, time and breath leftover to taunt me and send a few digs mocking me along my halted way. My younger sister so full of life and light, young enough to not have ever counted the cost, not ever needing to, whooping and hollering with glee at the adventure before her, barreling through with bravery and excitement, too overwhelmed at the chance of a new venture to be afraid… and too young to think of me, stuck and left behind, alone.


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Hurricane Season and Court Dates Coming

I find it very ironic that we are almost to our court date for our foster buddy in the middle of hurricane season.

I watched the reports of the impending storms, first with surprise and mild amusement, gradually turning to shock and gravity that moved me to purchase supplies like batteries, candles, bottled water and non-perishable foods. The text messages flew back and forth between my Northern mother and sisters to me, teasing and begging me to pack up with such a good reason for a visit. All the while I never stopped keeping watch on the weather screen, and I never stopped praying.

So it is with foster care and court dates.



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Everything Awesome About Court Days 2018

Everything You Need To Know About Court Days 2018
It's Here! It's Here! THIS Saturday, from 3pm - 9pm in Downtown Rocky Mount! Franklin County Court Days takes place right in the street by the Farmer's Market, where we pay tribute to historic "Court Days" from times long past, where court would be heard, and market would be held... and neighbors near and far came in to town to catch up, celebrate life, and come together to make music and memories...
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When the Tow Phone Rings, You Listen

There is a certain ringer we gave our tow line phone, and every one of our kids knows it.  Our foster buddy wasn’t with us for two weeks before we heard the ring somewhere in the distance while grocery shopping and he announced to me, “Tow Call!” 

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Guest — CarlCruz
Definitely needed this information now. Thank you for posting and give me what I need to know.
Friday, 01 February 2019 11:11 AM
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Snow Days, Cancelled Church Services, and Spring Revelations

When I was a little girl growing up in the Roman Catholic Church, I loved Palm Sunday.  Maybe it was because the sun was melting the dingy grey snow piles in Western New York, and we knew the next week we could wear our new Easter dresses, and possibly our new white patent leather shoes if we could get mom to believe our promises that we wouldn’t stomp in the snow piles with them. Or maybe it was because it was all part of the season changing, showing decorations of bunnies and chicks and Easter eggs and, of course chocolate, candy and jelly beans. 

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Guest — AuntSandy
Sweet Tara! You are a woman who amazes everyone who knows you! You speak of your shortcomings but you have to understand that you
Tuesday, 27 March 2018 2:02 AM
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What Fridays Look Like For Me Now

What Fridays Look Like For Me Now

This was such a pinnacle year in our life as a family, as well as a TNT team.  This was the year all of our kids would (finally!!!) be in school all five days of the week.  For fourteen years, I had juggled the whole working-mom-stays-home-and-works-crazy-hours thing, paying babysitters, tag-teaming with Tim as to who would work what shift… and finally, finally, the day that I had dreamed of had arrived: 8:15am on the first day of school, out they all went tumbling out of the van, toting backpacks and blowing kisses… and I was FREE!  Free to run errands, free to research our next business plan and project, free to work on our books and accounts during the day so I could be home in the afternoons and evenings.  It was looking so.good.

But then I got a call that changed our lives forever. 

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The Christmas Party That (Almost) Wasn’t

The Christmas Party That (Almost) Wasn’t

I sit here this evening, ever so grateful for every blessing I can think of in this moment.  Like, the kind of moment where even the clean sheets and warm air blowing through the air vents make my heart fill to overflowing.  Half of my kids are tucked in to bed, clean and warm and peaceful, while the older ones are waiting downstairs to hang out with their Dad, piano tinkling and faded laughter from siblings drifting up the stairs.

Christmas is my favorite time of year, with traditions from such a happy childhood combined with the empowering of an adult and parent that gets to make the magic come alive for others.  This year, with the addition of our first grandbaby as well as our first official foster kid, the whirlwind of excitement in Christmas prep has had me overjoyed so much more than overstressed… I thought.

TNT Christmas Car Ornament

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Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About "Come Home to A Franklin County Christmas"

Come Home To A Franklin County Christmas is just TWO DAYS AWAY!! 
Have you ever wanted to know more about what this event is, exactly? Here we go:
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How Thankfulness Comes Through Hurricanes and Family Visits

I am sitting in my room this morning, trying the “work from home” thing in hopes of proving that I can be productive when I do not go in to the office and get carried away with shenanigans in the shop that do not belong to me.  (Read: our team handles customers much better when I do not stick my nose in and botch up the process.)

But my mind is whirling from cleaning my inbox after several days off and deleting too many Pinterest emails after I opened them (the possibilities are endless on Pinterest!), and my heart is racing from the pumpkin muffins with cream cheese frosting that my mom made as she visited this week.  They make a great breakfast with coffee when you are trying to be creative.  You just have to balance the sugar-to-protein ratio to keep from overdoing it… which I have not. BRBC with Police

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Celebrating our Oldest Inspector and 3 New Additions

Exciting things keep happening at TNT, and it’s all occurring so quickly we can barely keep up!  We try to celebrate every accomplishment and milestone, though at times I confess it seems we go from party to party to milestone to accomplishment to celebration.  In the middle of the whirlwind, if I would ever start to get overwhelmed by it all, I stop to breathe and choose to call it blessed.

This month we were able to celebrate a very special accomplishment for our TNT family: Lloyd Hodges renewed his inspector license and was found to be one of the oldest licensed inspectors in the state of Virginia! 

Lloyd inspection file reduced


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We’re Adopting!

So, we’re adopting! I know that this blog is for and about TNT, but I’ve learned a few things over the past 15 years in business and marriage: so much of you is your business. Rephrased with guts, I would say “so much of ME is MY business.” We can’t help it. It’s our dream, our passion and our hope, fueled with our blood, sweat, tears and time. So it naturally comes through that who we are is so much of what TNT is. And any one that has ever had any type of relationship knows that your relationships affect your life. And your work.

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Victory Lane 2016 for TNT

The Franklin County Fair was a great experience for TNT this year. We had been able to use our beloved Cool Bus and sponsor the fair last year, but the weather did not cooperate very well and Friday and Saturday, the two largest days of the fair, ended up having to be cancelled. We had a blast even in the two days we were able to participate in 2015, so we were bound and determined to give it our all this year.

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TNT Announces Contest Winner

TNT is so happy to announce that our winner of the $2,000 prize in the “Hit A Deer, Win Gas For A Year!” Campaign is Cindy Thurman of Glade Hill, Virginia!

Cindy and her family have been loyal customers of TNT for years, and we couldn’t have been more pleased that it was her name that we literally pulled out of a paper bag for the drawing from our customer database!

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Couple Keeps Motor Running on Glade Hill Garage

TNT Auto Body Repair has found a way for the dream of the Service Center in their name to come true right in front of them! The opportunity to work with Lloyd Hodges Garage and expand their Service Center has been such a wonderful chance to both continue a community legend, as well as offer even greater services to TNT fans. TNT is able to offer oil changes, brakes, alignments, tires and so much more! Customers from Rocky Mount through Smith Mountain Lake can now enjoy regular vehicle maintenance in addition to the auto body repair that comes with stellar customer service and a lifetime warranty. Adding a full time mechanic has opened the door to grow TNT as well as preserve Lloyd Hodges Garage as a legacy and community landmark for Mr. Hodges.

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TNT Auto Body Repair to Announce $2,000 Winner at Franklin County Christmas

“Hit A Deer, Win Gas For A Year” was the theme for TNT’s advertising and promotion this past year, where every customer who came in for a vehicle repair from November 1, 2014 through November 2, 2015, was entered in to a drawing to win a $2,000 gas gift card. You may have seen their mascot, “O” (as in “O Deer!”) around town at community events, or even appearing on Cable 12. It was TNT’s way of trying to put a silver lining around their customers’ otherwise dreary situations.

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TNT Auto Body Repair and Service Center to Expand With Lloyd Hodges Garage

How does one preserve a community land mark and protect a legacy while providing modern day service work to customers needing current technology in their modern day vehicles? That is the question Tim and Tara Wall of TNT Auto Body Repair and Service Centers in Glade Hill, VA, have been trying to answer with J. Lloyd Hodges of Lloyd Hodges Garage in Glade Hill, VA.

“We are so glad TNT is keeping Mr. Hodges’ place open. It’s close to home, and we’ve always had our inspections and service work done there,” remembers Norma Turner of Glade Hill. “When I was growing up, my Dad wouldn’t go anywhere else but to Lloyd’s, and now it’s become a sort of family tradition. It’s so good to see it stay open.”

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TNT Auto Body Repair Supports United Way’s Shine & Dine

TNT Cool BusThis Saturday, April 18th, TNT Auto Body’s Cool Bus will be shuttling a group of partygoers to socialize under the stars for United Way’s first-of-a-kind  fundraiser, Shine & Dine.  This nod to Franklin County’s heritage celebrates the night at The Early Inn in Rocky Mount with thimbles full of locally distilled moonshine and local foods tasting with the beautiful backdrop benefitting the United Way. Guests can get gussied up for a fun photo booth for selfies and laughs.   A fire pit with folklore stories make this an amazing date night for an amazing cause.  All ticket sales go directly to benefit the United Way, which is just now reaching 40% of their $382,000 goal.  TNT hopes to promote a safe an enjoyable event while supporting such a worthy cause.  Executive Director Nancy Bell has worked tirelessly to create a night to remember for our town that also helps United Way help others.  Tickets for the event and the shuttle are still available online by clicking here.

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