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The Cool Bus Makes A Comeback

When a worldwide pandemic shut the world down for more than a hot minute, or sweet old Cool Bus had to take a back seat from all the fun and community events.

For nearly two years, that green beauty sat mostly still and stalled, waiting for her turn to shine again.

Well, our favorite Cool Bus is getting a makeover!

If you haven't seen the stories and posts on social media, she is getting a completely new paint job and design just in time for the 2022 Franklin County Agricultural Fair.

For those of you who were at the Annual Pigg River Ramble this year, you may have noticed an old school yellow bus in lieu of our fave green. That's because we have been working odd hours on refreshing our green girl, and we couldn't get the custom work done in time for the ramble.

No one complained that the bus was the wrong color, and everybody was just grateful for the ride back to the parking ot after the amazing float, but we are more than excited to say the beautiful green is coming back in full force in just a month or two!

Although it was a fun and exciting experience to run the shuttle as a real business for The Harvester and other fun private events, we have learned that giving back to our community is the core purpose of WHY we bought our Cool Bus, and we have gladly turned our business tags in for our fave volunteer licenses instead.

You will find us at the Fair and beyond, and we can't thank you enough for making our shuttling possible every time you choose TNT!

cool bus comeback

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Salvage Progress

It has been nearly two years since we said goodbye to Lloyd Hodges on this earth, and the mix of business and personal stories weaved together has made it the most bittersweet journey.

We have worked so hard to honor his legacy on this earth while moving forward with the vision God has given us for this land. Not only are we bringing new life and order in to the long lost auto salvage yard, but we are establishing room to grow, to add team members, and to turn the stigma of auto salvage into the greatest display of recycling that Franklin County has ever seen.

We have toured salvage yards around the country, made connections and built relationships with both scrappers and recyclers. We have become certified in processes as well as federal and state regulations, and we are just getting started.

Is there anything more incredible to see than taking broken, wasted things and turning them into something with purpose?

That is happening a little bit more every day at TNT Auto Salvage.

So as we celebrate Lloyd's second birthday in heaven today, we know that he must be proud to see us work to take this business to 2022 and beyond.

salvage progress

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Team Accomplishments!

We cannot let this summer go by without recognizing some of the HUGE accomplishments our team members have had!

Back in May we celebrated the graduation of our beautiful Alisha Dickerson from Regent University with a Bachelors in Business Management with the highest of honors!

Alisha came to us a few years ago and explained that she felt she needed to go back to school. She literally asked us what classes and degrees would be most helpful to exand the future of our businesses, because that's what she wanted to do.

Anyone who knows Alisha would not be surprised at her huge heart and selfless nature, but we would be remiss if we did not say she is an absolute answer to prayer.

She pursued that degree with everything in her while continuing her full time job here at TNT. With so much sacrifice, perseverance, grace and grit, Alisha walked across that platform at Regent on Mother's Day weekend with ROWS of the crowd cheering for her.

Congratulations Alisha, and THANK YOU for doing the hard things to make our team better in the long run. We are beyond grateful for you and the blessing you are to everyone who knows you!

alisha graduate

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The Selfie that Changed My Mind

It wasn’t until I saw the selfie that I realized where we had arrived.

For much of the eighteen years that Tim and I have been married, I have felt alone. By that I mean that in the things we have had to do both in business and family, I have been lonely. In those times and in every one of those moments, God has met me there and I have had peace. And the blessings and gifts I have experienced from doing what He has called us to do is immeasurable in so many ways.

winter kiss small

But it has made me tired. So, so tired. The kind of tired that makes you weary, and the past few years, adding foster care and all the emotional weight that has brought has literally made my shoulders physically ache.

In the beginning years, it was new and exciting, the whole world in front of us and it was whatever we colored it to be if we just painted enough of the canvas. I was young, Tim was strong, and we faced so many challenges head on, always expecting great things. Together, we created a beautiful life and a beautiful business, and once I knew

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My Grandmother's Gift To Me

Today would have been my Grandma’s 85th birthday. Her death just over four years ago was the heaviest grief I had ever encountered until that point in my life.

I knew it was coming. She had been unexplainably sick for quite some time, and though she was the strongest woman I knew, she was fading fast. She was serving Meals on Wheels, donating time and money to every cause that came her way, all while champion cheering for her entire family of six children all with multiple children.

Her life was a beautiful mess, and even after I moved six hundred miles away, she answered the phone every time I called to catch up, filled up my soul’s bucket with phrases like “You’re such a mess” and “For cryin’ out loud” and always ended with an “I love you, my doll face.” If I got her laughing good and long, she would say “You are a peach.”

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