TNT's Mission Statement




At TNT we use automobile repair, parts and service to reach and positively influence our community. Starting at home, we are driven to offer our fellow employees (teammates) a safe, stable work experience where we all succeed. We take each other’s success personally and work diligently to see that we are all winning at life, starting right here at work.

This belief enables us to affect our customers as well with a reliable and trustworthy experience. Looking and operating far above and beyond customer service and speaking life and good fortune into the lives of our customers. We are a positive force and we are committed to helping and serving all who we come in contact with.

We provide honest, trustworthy service continually working to improve our work and to serve above the expectation whenever possible. We take pride in our work for the customer because we are looking far above parts paint and repairs.

We are TNT we take pride in our work, We focus on “the big picture” as well as the details of our job to make our customers, fellow team members and business acquaintances lives better when they come to see us. We are growing stronger as individuals as well as a thriving unit.

We are TNT and we are getting better. Today.

TNT Logo 2023

Rev. 3/2019

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